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The Lifestyle Content Website Third World Papa is for Sale (Price: 3000 USD)

Business Overview

Thirdworldpapa.com is an organically growing established premium quality lifestyle content website. Thirdworldpapa.com receives more than 6000 unique search engine traffics from more than 35 countries in the world. The major traffic source is from United States, Canada, UK and India. The website has 1125 unique timeless how-to articles. As a quality indicator of contents, Thirdworldpapa.com has been referred by premium quality content websites like ehow.com, about.com, huffingtonpost.com, wikihow.com, righthealth.com, sciencedaily.com, hubpags.com, in.com, ezinearticles.com, technorati.com etc. The website was established inJanuary 2011. Google PageRank: 1

About the Domain Name

The name Third World Papa bears the ever throbbing thoughts of a Papa who tries to explore everything under and above the sun! Also the name is useful in educating the visitors providing relevant information of their interest as an inspiration from papa, a wise ‘all experienced’ father of sweet and bitter ecstasies who shares a lifetime worth of knowledge.

Quality of the Content

The content of Thirdworldpapa.com is unique and timeless. The content is written by experts in the field based on extensive research. That’s why its content has been referred by big guys in the field. Search engine provides high preference for all articles of Thirdworldpapa.com.Thirdworldpapa.com has variety of how-to lifestyle contents. They include contents related to topics like Love, Pregnancy, Parenting, Elderliness, Home, Marriage, Family, Recreation, Culture, Sports, Indian Premier League, Fitness, Learning, Career, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Food.

Website Traffic

The key words of Thirdworldpapa.com are highly recognized by all search engines. Till September 10, 2014, the website has received 256,138 page views from 185,117 unique users, which are mainly search engine generated visits from 35 countries. Out of this 26 % was from Mobile platforms. 88% of this traffic is generated by search engines. Google produced 149,169 (76%), Yahoo produced 6,459 (4%) Bing produced 5,232 (3%), and remaining traffic was from Ask, AOL and Search. Top ten traffic producing countries are given according to their rank. They are USA, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore.

Keyword Traffic

Major traffic generating keywords for Thirdworldpapa.com are given below (partial list). Search following keywords in Google.com, Thirdworldpapa.com display on the first page. It based on Google’s rank (separated by comma) . Please search it on Google.com to confirm.

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Marketing Strategy

As it has SEO friendly quality contents, currently the website focuses only on organic traffic.  Thirdworldpapa.com has quality premium content, and very good condition of SEO. Its content is timeless – even if I am not updating my website for last one year there is no much decline in the organic traffic.


Currently the website earns average 400 USD per month after all maintenance charge and commission to its agents.  Revenue sources include Google Adsense, Chitika (premium), Yahoo and Bing Network, Infolinks, Affiliate Income, Amazon and sponsored posts. As per our agent’s marketing philosophy, the website would not stick on any single streams of income. In frequent intervals, it changes income streams according to volume of revenue from Adsense to Amazon.  Also the website receives sponsored post inquiries from various sources. However, we are not accepting most of such offers due to maintain the quality of the website.

Technology Used

Thirdworldpapa.com runs on latest Word Press platform. The site uses unique design standards. The site uses hosting service from Hostgator.com. The average maintenance cost for the website is 300 USD per year.

Business Growth Opportunity

The content of the website is timeless and unique. Even without updating its contents, one can earn out of the website for many years. As the website is well ranked by search engines and other competing websites, it has higher growth possibilities in the future by scaling up the volume of contents. A frequent posting of contents would generate higher level traffic volumes through search engines.

Also this site can be used for good quality sponsored posts without compromising the quality of existing contents. As it has well ranking in search engines, online ad networks would prefer it for publishing their ad posts which are related to existing contents of the website.

Furthermore, as the website is referred by big lifestyle content websites like ehow.com, about.com, huffingtonpost.com, wikihow.com, righthealth.com, sciencedaily.com, hubpags.com, in.com, ezinearticles.com, etc one can look for possible collaboration or sellout to these companies after scaling up the existing business.

The expected price of the website is 3000 USD only

If you are interested please contact the email id papa@thirdworldpapa.com OR thirdworldpapa@gmail.com