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How does Desk Jobs Cause Back Pain?

Spending a lot of time sitting and working can lead o back pain especially, if the posture is wrong. Computers have made work and communication efficient but the worst affect of it is back pain. The reason why back pain occurs while doing computer jobs is that people have a tendency to bend towards the computer while working. This causes stiffness of neck which causes pain. Faulty posture is one of the main reason which gives rise to pain. Computer screens usually are below eye level, sitting continuously in the same position and hunching to slouching are few of the bad postures. A prolonged sitting alters posture of shoulder, neck and back. This automatically leads to low back pain and curvature change of the spine. Continuing with the same worsen the conditions. Certain positions that strain the back can injure the spine and nerves causing stress injury. Not only this, working in a sitting position for long hours tends to lead to weight gain especially on the back and belly. This concentration of fat puts excess pressure on the spine which in turn causes pain in the back. Taking short breaks after regular intervals of time can help ease the symptoms to some extent. Three hours of continuous sitting itself can be a strain on the back. So, force yourself to get up and walk around or do some stretches to ease your aching back.  For back pain related to desk jobs, especially those with computer, doctors recommend physiotherapy or yoga. There is no other best way to back pain relief than regular exercise. Swimming and aqua exercises are very good spine exercise. A good back friendly chair can also help you to certain extent.