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How to Avoid Bad Behavior of Men?

It is often said that it is difficult to change a man. But if we look at the world around us, we must have gone through thousands of examples of people changing for one reason or the other. Every woman somehow feels that her man needs to be changed. They constantly have a desire to improve them. They never get satisfied. Keep in mind that every man is different. Bad behavior can be anything like showing disregard to other people, having drinking habits, habits of chain smoking, being egoistic etc. Avoiding a man’s bad habit will happen only if he wants to do it by himself. The only thing we can do is to help him. It is definitely possible to change his bad behavior with a lot of dedication from our part too.




  • Accept your man for what he is:

Developing a relationship should not start with a change. Do not ask him to change for you. He should never feel that you are changing him and his bad behavior. The process should be a gradual one.

  • Understand:

Try to understand his attitude on life, various circumstances in his past that led him to behave so. Go deep into the real cause of his bad attitude and find out the solution for it.

  • Do not make him frustrated:

Take a simple approach. Do not yell at them. Speak softly.

  • Do not expect too much:

Core behavior of a man is difficult to change. Have patience.

  • Appreciate them:

Appreciate them for every little thing they do. Tell them how they have bettered themselves everyday.

  • Pamper them:

It’s not that only woman like pampering. Men also like their love to pamper them at times. If they are in good mood, make fun, make love and then tell them what is to be changed.

  • Ask them to try out:

Ask them to work to change them for good. If they have tried changing, ask them if they have benefited from it and how. Share all these things openly.

Finally approach him at the right time and make him do it.