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How to Avoid Bad Smell in your Saliva?

Saliva contains water, antibodies, enzymes and mucoproteins. It consists of fluorides and minerals needed for the remineralization of damaged dental enamel. If your saliva is stinking, then there is something serious about your mouth. It is definite that your mouth smells really bad. Bad breath is caused by bacteria that live on the teeth, gums and even the tongue. Saliva production is necessary to kill these bacteria. Saliva has a antimicrobial action which helps in washing away the bacteria that cause bad breath. Saliva flushes off the food debris that may act as a food supply for the bacteria in plaque. If we frequently do things which dry the mouth and reduce saliva flow, you can probably end up with a bad mouth odor. Saliva production almost grinds to a halt when you sleep and this is the reason why every body has some sort of morning breathe. Hence, it is not a good idea to check the intensity of your bad breath in the morning. What you can do to avoid bad smelling saliva is to increase you saliva production.




  • Avoid using over the counter drugs.
  • Drink plenty of water to dehydrate yourself. A dry mouth can always smell bad.
  • Do not talk too much. Excessive talking can also make the mouth dry.
  • Avoid using alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Control your diabetes. Poorly controlled diabetes leads to dry mouth.
  • If you already posses a dry mouth, then it is not good to use mouth washes that contain excessive alcohol. Conventional mouthwashes only help in masking the odor for sometime. They can make the situation worse by drying out the mouth making it more hospitable to odor producing bacteria.
  • Chewing sugar-less gum increases the production of saliva. Chewing can stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth.
  • Use mouth washes containing chlorine dioxide. They fight against bad breath.
  • Take yearly dental checkups.