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How to Avoid Fear of Death in the Old Age

The fear of death is in every body. The question of death which is consciously active in every body is for different reasons or for a reason unknown. It is in the old age that people fear death the most. The fear of confronting death at anytime is a big thing to deal with. Sudden feeling of approaching to the end of the life heightens the fear in them. How to fight the fear of death is rarely discussed. Take to the tips below if you fear to die at your old age.


  • Old people generally fear death when they fall sick. Eradicate the feeling that you have a bad health and it might take you to the end of your life.
  • Be submissive and stop thinking and dreaming about death.
  • Never talk about death to any body, not even to your partner. Leave the topic.
  • Avoid mentioning anything bad. It is always healthy to die unprepared.
  • Concentrate of spirituality and yoga. Strengthen your mind. Spirituality will help you use your life wisely without contemplating on death.
  • If the fear is because, you would not be able to do and see the things you now enjoy, then it the silliest thing you can ever think of. Just remember that all persons who have ever born in this world should also die.
  • Seize control over your thought process. Try to reassure that there is an ultimate purpose for your existence.
  • Think high of your achievements in life. Be proud of yourselves.
  • Cleanse your mind so that you do not die of regrets.
  • Cultivate a positive mind towards love, kindness, compassion etc. and prepare yourself for death rather than death taking over us.
  • Believing in rebirth can drive your fear of death at times. Death is not a tragedy but another part of your life. Accept it as it comes.
  • If you fear death of pain, start taking care of your health through regular healthy food habits and exercises.
  • Stop over generalizing things.

Death happens naturally or by chance for a few people. There is nothing we can do about dying. Even the smallest decision and action taken in our lives is based on fear of death.