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How to be a Good Grandfather

Being a good grandparent sounds easy. But for many it is not so. Many parents wait to become grand parents. Do you find yourself to be a good grand father? Most of the grand parents happened to be good parents but they have a doubt as to whether they can be good grand parents. Grand parent-grand children bond is for a life time. Grand parents hold a special place in the children’s heart. If you too want to make it possible, start trying with some of the tips below.


  • Getting prepared to be a grand father is the first thing you should do. Do not look for pre-advises. Be yourself. There is no need for you to change to a different person.
  • Have a close relationship with your child and his/her partner. They will directly connect you to your grandchildren.
  • Plan thoroughly. Be clear about their expectations and then proceed. Only then you will find your grandchild enjoying their time with you.
  • Learn their schedules, remember their friends, love them unconditionally and try to get more personal with them.
  • Be with your grand children when ever you can. Be available for them when ever they need you.
  • Be creative. Try to find out various options for them. Make plans weekly or biweekly. Go shopping with them. Buy stuffed toys and lots of chocolates. All children love eating chocolates and ice creams.
  • It is not necessary that you gift them regularly. In fact it is not a good practice to stick on to it. By doing so, you are instilling in them the wrong requirement of parenting.
  • Writ letters to them if you are far away and let them know how much you miss them. Encourage them to write back to you.
  • Remember their birthdays and wish them.
  • If they are staying away from you, bring them to your house at the weekends and have fun with them.
  • Do not be pushy. Do not force them to doing anything. Be patient with them. Do not command on them. Let your relationship with them be flexible.
  • Communicate with them. Just talking won’t do. Be together. Read to your grandchildren the best stories and books.
  • Play with them when they are ready to play.
  • Be a part of their routine. Do not over spoil them. Make them your friend. They should feel a sense of security when they are with you.
  • Support them whenever necessary. Stay connected always.

Grand parents play an important role in a child’s life. They learn a lot of things from them. Being a good grand parent is the greatest gift you can give your grand children. Love your grand kids unconditionally.

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