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How to Behave with a Patient

It is always common for a family member or friend to visit a patient in a hospital. The first thing to be kept in mind while you are in a hospital is to behave properly with the patient. Behaving properly with a patient in the hospital could be made possible only if you take care of yourself and your surroundings. Behaving well with a patient can also help them in speedy recovery.


  • When you are visiting a hospital to see a patient, enquire about his/her condition first and then decide whether or not to visit them. If the patient is in a critical condition, make sure that you do not disturb him/her with your visits.
  • Visit a patient only when you are well. A patient would be having a weak immunity. If the person visiting the doctor is not well, it can worsen the physical condition of the patient too.
  • Make sure that you are in the hospital only during visiting hours.
  • If possible let the patient know that you are coming for a visit through the phone or through the hospital reception. It is important to make sure that the patient is comfortable to visit an outside person at that time.
  • Do not spent too much of time with the patient if he is seriously ill. You should have an idea how long to stay in the hospital. None of the patients would like visitors when they are having their bad hair days.
  • Do not bring your entire family to the hospital. Never bring small children to the hospital to visit the patients.
  • Never bring any eatables from your home to the hospital, especially for the patients. The patients ought to follow a strict diet often.
  • Never peep into other patient’s room and disturb them.
  • Keep yourself clean when you are in a hospital. Wash your hands with sanitizers regularly since there would be diseases that are contagious Speak quietly in a hospital
  • Try to keep the sick person happy. Always make a positive environment around them since they will require a helping hand in coping with the negative effects of illness. Our behavior towards them can facilitate in their speedy recovery.
  • Speak quietly with them with a calm smiling face. Be patient while talking. Do not ask them too many questions. Refrain from any discussions with them. Let them rest.

A person finding himself in the hospital for days can turn him up side down. Hospital life can be a dehumanizing thought for the patients and so it is important that you behave well with them. Try to use your senses when you are on a visit to a patient. Minimize your private conversation with them and make them feel comfortable.