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How to Behave with Your Cousins?

A cousin is a relative in one’s immediate family for example one’s parents, siblings and descendants. They are addressed in terms of degree according to the minimum number of generations they are related to. The term “blood relative” can be used synonymously in order to refer to cousins. There are possibilities that you can meet your cousins whenever you want to since they stay near by. When families are spread apart, you rarely get chance to meet them. Under such situations, cousins are people that we don’t see or deal with everyday. Your cousins should have probably played a big role in your life and your family. There may be cousins who are very difficult to get along with. But anyways, being your blood relations, you should know how to behave properly towards them.




  • Start making conversations if are planning to get to know each other.
  • Maintain good relationships with them always. Strong relationships can be turned to healthy friendships.
  • Hang out with them whenever possible.
  • Do not ignore your cousins even if they are filthy. Treat them with respect and decency. Think of them more like friends than family.
  • Try to get along with them whenever they are around to make the situation pleasant for your family.
  • Do not fight with them for silly reasons. Often conflicts arise between cousins simply because they know so little about one another.
  • Get to know them better.
  • Call them for your family get together. Enjoy time with them and make them feel at home.
  • Talk about some wonderful times that you have spent with your cousin in the past.
  • If you don’t like what they do, open up.