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How to Behave with your Married Children?

Your children remain your children till your death but they get into their new life after getting married. This is a changed phase for them. They are in a way starting a new life of their own. They will have to deal with new responsibilities like once you did. So, once your children get married, as a parent you must step back out of their lives. For many people, marriage entails 100% loyalty to the spouse than to the family (mother and father). Children especially need to make a break from their parents after he/she takes a wife/husband. As a parent you should understand how to behave with your married children other wise, it can lead to heir break up which you wouldn’t like to have.




  • Accept the reality of the situation that your children are grown up and they are in their world of making up a family.
  • Do not put your children in awkward situation of having to make a choice between you and their spouse after marriage.
  • Let them take their own decisions. Listen politely and very carefully to what their decisions are.
  • Do not see their problem as yours. They very well know how to solve problem between them.
  • Give support and guidance to help them deal with any issues, only if they seek your help
  • Do not keep thinking about how to keep from losing your relationship with your children after their marriage.
  • Do not complain to your children about how bad their spouse is. Even if they are bad, do not take it out on your children.
  • You should be willing to make the best of whatever situation comes your way.
  • Visit them at times, especially when their spouse are alone and need help.
  • Do not make your son or daughter in law feel insecure of your relationship with your children.
  • Be a caring person and do kind gestures.
  • Accept your children’s spouse as your children.
  • Set your boundaries, making them comfortable. It is always good in doing so because a small distance can easily help maintain the relationship between your married children and yourself.
  • Try to take an approach that is diplomatic and not critical.