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How to Clean Your Mouth without Toothpaste

Clean Your Mouth without ToothpasteMouth is an easy breed place for bacteria. Dental care is one of the basic requirements for every person since the key to avoiding bad breath is to keep your mouths clean. Just brushing your teeth will not do. Dental care includes cleaning your entire mouth which means your teeth, gums, throat and tongue. Following a healthy lifestyle is the major requirement for keeping your mouths out of trouble-free environment like swelling, bleeding, bad breath and ulcers. For many people regular brushing will do a great job to keep their mouths fresh and healthy but for others, this won’t do the trick.


  • Brushing your mouth in the morning and at night is the first step to oral hygiene. Pour a few drops of tea tree oil into your brush and start cleaning your teeth everyday. If you think that this is not working out, try brushing after every time you eat.
  • Some of them have problems of bleeding gum which may be because of the brush used. Choosing your brush is very important. Tooth brush comes in soft, medium and hard. Check out which is the best for you. A soft bristled one will be idle for every type. Tooth brushes should be replaced every six months.
  • Floss between your teeth everyday after brushing and eating. Learn to floss properly or else it might damage your gums. Get the advice from your dentist if required. Proper flossing helps remove particles between teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with fluoridated water. Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter.
  • The main reason for bad odor may be unclean tongue. Bacteria sometimes form a layer inside the mouth especially at the back of the tongue. It increases the quantity of saliva producing a foul smell. Scrap your tongue with a tongue cleaner or tooth brush to remove the food particles and other bacteria.
  • Clean between your teeth with a soft thread to remove food particles.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash before going to bed for best results. Ordinary baking soda is a good oral antibacterial substance.
  • Mouth ulcer may be another reason for bad odor. The reason can be many like extremely bad dental care, chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking, eating spicy food and junk food, stress and intake of heavy dose antibiotics. Using a bacteria killing mouth wash can help to some extent.
  • Eat fruits containing vitamin C like orange, lemon etc., which is known to boost the immune system and which is good to keep your gums healthy. Drink plenty of water and eat fiber rich food.
  • Eat celery to protect your teeth from getting dried up. Celery produces saliva which neutralizes bacteria.
  • Massage your gums regularly with your fingers or brush.
  • Eat a piece of guava or apple before going to bed to fight germs.
  • There are also natural therapies for gingivitis and bad breath. Using almond oil, peppermint and spearmint to rub your gums everyday is a good therapy. Green tea is also a best therapy for oral hygiene. You can also use green tea (which contains antioxidants) to rinse the mouth daily.
  • Visit a dentist regularly to ensure complete elimination of decay in your mouth. Scaling and polishing your teeth should be done every year or once in two years.

Your tooth, tongue and your entire mouth is the reflection of your whole body. Be healthy to keep your mouth healthy. Give the above techniques a try and you can find your self pleasantly surprised.