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How to do Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian hair removing method is one of the most popular one. It was introduced in New York in 1987 by the Brazilian born J sisters. They mainly refer to hair removal in genital areas. Genital hair removal includes hair removal around the anus, perineum and vagina. Remember to dry the skin before application of the wax. The method is done by spreading hot wax over all the genital areas where hair growth is seen. A wooden spatula or stick is dipped into the wax pot and applied to the area.  The wax is applied in the same direction of the hair growth. A cloth strip is firmly placed over the warm wax and pressed. The cloth is left for a few minutes to set. When the wax has cooled, it is pulled off quickly. The cloth should always be pulled in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. Using hard wax can be less painful. The application is repeated if necessary. Since the bikini area is very sensitive, it may take more than one session to remove all the hair. Waxing usually starts in the front and moves toward the back. Brazilian waxing is different from normal bikini or genital waxing since it removes the entire hair in the front, back and in between areas. It can last for three to six weeks.




  • Do not try Brazilian hair removal on your genitals for your self. Always consult a professional.
  • Check out the salon beforehand to make sure it is hygienic
  • Trim your hair before going to a technician.
  • Exfoliate your genital area three days before the waxing procedure
  • Make sure that they use fresh bed covering for each client
  • Ask them to wear a glove while waxing.
  • Make sure that the waxing supplies are sanitized and disposed of in a hygienic way after use
  • Use a talcum powder before waxing to keep hot wax from sticking to skin.
  • Apply a soothing lotion especially that which contains Aloe Vera after the process.
  • The hairs that grow curled under the skin can make your skin look red. So, exfoliate and scrub to avoid so.
  • Use a clean and damp towel or napkin to wipe up any wax that may get on to the sides of your genitals.
  • Place a mirror between your legs so as to make sure that hair is completely removed as per your request
  • Since your hair can be thicker, waxing may cause bleeding. Clean the area with alcohol to avoid infections of any kind.
  • Do not shave waxed parts until hair grows longer enough to be trimmed.
  • Do not shave immediately after waxing if you are not happy with the result. It can further irritate your skin.