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How to Enjoy the First Month of Your Marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It brings two people together… it’s essentially a blending of two people. The first few months are the most important. More than a social contract between two people, it is an intimate mental and emotional binding of two minds. Thus, the first month after marriage is the time wherein you build up a strong understanding of each other. It’s during the first three months that you start getting used to each other. More than this, it is important to make romance in your marriage. This comes only with mutual feelings of caring and attraction. There are many basic relationship needs that you need to start fulfilling from the very next day after marriage which include respect, appreciation, domestic support, affection, companionship, spiritual solidarity etc. To know more on how to add up spice in your life in the first month of your marriage, read some tips. This can definitely improve your married life.




  • Communication is the first and foremost thing which will help build an intimacy between two minds.
  • Be open and honest about your opinion.
  • Encourage the other person to speak his/her mind. Be a good listener.
  • Talk about your future. Look at life together in a positive way.
  • Make sure you have some fun together on some weekends or special occasions.
  • Make sure you keep sometime for both of you between your hectic schedules.
  • Having a dinner together, or going for a walk or dancing will lessen tension and help you bond with each other well.
  • Complement each other in whatever you are doing.
  • Point out the mistakes but always pointing out mistakes will have a negative effect.
  • There is no set of rules that you will have to follow. Just relax and enjoy your life with your spouse.