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How To Have Beautiful Eyebrows

eyebrowsEyes are a medium of expression and attract constant attention from others. Only beautiful brows can define a beautiful eye. Shaping your eyebrow is important to give your eyes a sexy look. Each person is different. Human face can be round, oval, square or diamond. Brows are usually arched but finding the best eyebrow shape suitable for you is a great challenge. A brow should be shaped according the shape of your face and jaw line. Here are some of the easy-to-follow instructions to recreate the shape of the brows and discover the best new look through maintaining it.


  • The arch of the eyebrow should match the shape of your face. Try not to have artificial looking brows. A round face should have more rounded curved brows where as thin, angular face should have a sharp curve of eyebrow.
  • Your eyebrow arch should start from the point adjoining the outer side of your each nostril. This can be measured using a ruler.
  • The thickness of the eyebrow when shaping should be taken care of. It shouldn’t be too thick or thin. Let it stay natural.
  • Both your eyebrows should look asymmetrical after shaping.
  • If your brow is naturally thin, cover it up with a good quality long lasting brow pencil. Do not draw them too dark. This will give an artificial look to your face.
  • Never try to use a different of eyebrow pencil that does not match your hair color. This will look very odd.
  • Use a brow cream or gel to give it a defined look.
  • Comb your eye brows every day from the starting of the nose to outside with a brow comb.
  • Moisturize your brow using a mild lotion.
  • Trim the excess long hair growth with a scissor. Learn how to shape them if you are doing it by yourself. Never do them in rush. This can ruin its shape.
  • Pluck the unwanted hair outside the brow line with a tweezers in the direction they are growing for a painless experience.