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How to Keep Friendships with the Opposite Sex after Marriage?

Marriage is a two way thing. Both the husband and wife have to compromise each other. Friend is a beautiful word and to have a good friend is a beautiful thing. Both men and women will have friends before marriage, but it’s after the so called “marriage” that the whole atmosphere changes. Many of them think about marriage as a next big thing to the life they are going to live. They think about making a transition in friendship when it comes to marriage. This does not necessarily happen with everyone. But it does happen in most cases especially with the women folks. They are the ones who lose friendship after marriage whereas most men always keep their friendship for a long time. The main reason behind this is that women think that it is wrong and not safe to have friendship especially with the opposite sex after marriage. This is totally wrong. If you have maintained appropriate friendships with the opposite sex pre-marriage, there should not be a big change after one of you ties the knot. In fact, it would be selfish, petty, and even hurtful of someone to expect you to give up your friends simply because of his or her own insecurity. It is always safe and good and healthy to maintain your friends even after marriage. Here are some tips




  • Everything depends on trust. If both the husband and wife trust each other, then it is never an issue.
  • When both of you know each others friends, it will always be very comfortable. Be open tell him/her what you feel about the other person’s friend.
  • If your other half does not approve of your friendship with an opposite sex, then better leave it. Tell your friend that your husband does not like the relationship. Do not hesitate to be frank.
  • In a healthy relationship, trust will grow as time passes. So, when you develop a certain trust with your spouse try to make him/her understand how valuable your friend was for you.
  • There are certain limits too. For a healthy relationship, you have to maintain certain limits as well
  • How much time you spend with your friends after marriage is very important.
  • Unlike when being a bachelor, after marriage it is important to spent time with your spouse more often.
  • Do not give your spouse a chance or reason to be jealous.
  • Tell your spouse where you are going. Trust me, this avoids lots of problems.
  • Don’t overdo anything. Draw the line. That is always necessary.
  • Choose your actions wisely