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How to Keep Your Breath Fresh While Kissing?

The best way to communicate to a loved one is by kissing. A perfect kiss involves lots of things. If it is your first kiss, then you need to have that right setting to enjoy that special moment. Your first kiss can decide the rest of your life. It is also essential that you learn to relax and breathe normally while kissing. What if bad breath is restricting you to enjoy the happiest moment in life? Bad breath is one of the biggest turnoffs for men and women alike. So, try to always have fresh breath while going out with your love. Take some tips to make your moment kissabily fresh.




  • It is necessary that you start following your oral or dental hygiene before your first date. The main reason for bad breath is dehydration and dryness. This can cause bad breath which will stop you from kissing your girl/boy. So why to wait? Start from today itself.
  • Brush your teeth everyday in the morning and every. This is to be followed strictly to avoid food debris in mouth.
  • Floss your teeth and remove bacteria that cause odors.
  • For long term remedy while brushing your teeth make sure you clean your tongue so that there are no bacteria accumulated in your tongue after your meals. Clean your tongue with a scraper. Apply the toothpaste to your tongue also. Let it stand for a minute. Scrape well from back to front and wash well.
  • It is advisable to carry mouth freshener or mints with you when you are out with your girl friend or boy friend. Get listerine strips or a mint gum. Avoid using ordinary sugar gums. The taste of chewing gum is disgusting when kissing.
  • Bacteria like to grow in warm dry places. So, drink lots of water. The best way to keep the saliva flowing is to drink plenty of liquids.