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How To Keep Your Lips Beautiful

men love lipsCraving for a smooth, beautiful, rosy lips? Lips are one of most sensitive parts of our body. They are those important parts of your body that attracts a man’s attention. If you have a glossy, sexy lip, men cannot get off their eyes from you. Taking care of your lips is more than just important as any other part of your body. A soft supple lip can be dream come true for every woman. Just take to some tips below to make your day everyday.




  • Stop smoking. Smoking can make your lips look smoky, black and chapped. It causes wrinkles on the lips giving it a paper, dry look. If your lips are already dry, smoking can make it even worse.
  • Use a fine scrub to clean your lips and to give them a smooth pink texture. Scrubbing can exfoliate dead skin off. Scrubbing need not be done if your lips are too dry.
  • Drink a lot of water so that your lips do not get dehydrated. When dehydrated, they look dry and shrink out, particularly when they are exposed to hot sun and highly cold climate.
  • Lips are also susceptible to sun burn since they have no melanin content. In such cases, you can apply a UV-protective lotion or a moisturizer with SPF content on them.
  • Never lick or chew your lips too often. Saliva damages the protective barrier outside the skin of the lips making it too dry.
  • Use a good quality lip balm or petroleum jelly on your chapped lips.
  • It is not safe to use lipsticks regularly especially those with a matt finish. A matt lipstick can cause your lips to dehydrate very easily. If you are a regular user of lipsticks, go for a hydrating one with vitamin E or glycerin.
  • When you plan to go for cosmetic procedures, be very careful. Sometimes cosmetic tricks can dilate your blood vessels near the lips. There are also possibilities that your lips might look fake after the surgery.
  • Lips also can have allergic reactions to food, beverages, medication etc. Be careful in using them. Develop a healthy eating habit.
  • Kissing can regularly shape your lips beautifully. Kissing can help circulate blood easily, due to which the lips become rose as petals.
  • Keep smiling. Laughing and smiling can stretch your lip muscles.


It is very important to keep your mouths fresh for a healthy glowing lip. Brush regularly with a good tooth paste. Healthy teeth can illusion your beautiful lip. Make your lips noticeable to others. Flaunt your lips with a good shade lipstick of your choice. Do not forget to apply a gloss on them for smoother finish.