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How to Keep Your Underarms Beautiful?

For people who love wearing sleeveless clothes love to keep their underarms beautiful. Otherwise it might look odd. A dark underarm is a very common problem. If your underarms are darker than the rest of your skin, then you may have a problem. Beautiful armpit should not only look beautiful but also smell pleasant. The simplest reason for any darkening of your underarms is natural hair growth. But there are also other reasons that can make your armpit look ugly and smelly. You can follow the tips below to ensure that your armpit stays beautiful and healthy everyday.




  • Clean or trim the underarm hair regularly. The easy method is to shave the hair. Remember to shave upwards, downwards and sideways for good results.
  • For some people shaving causes darkness in the skin area. Such people should avoid shaving and stick on to waxing. The skin will be back to its natural color.
  • Lemon is a bleaching agent. Apply lemon juice on your armpit if they change color.
  • Bleaching or peeling can also be done to avoid ark underarms.
  • Exfoliate your underarms regularly. Do it with a scrub.
  • If you are not happy with the result go for laser hair removal.
  • Take bath regularly. A daily cleansing with mild soap is a must. Use a moisturizer after patting dry your armpit
  • Using hair removal creams on your underarms regularly will darken the region as the hair is not getting removed from the root. Apply a patch on your skin before using any of the cream.
  • Do not use harsh deodorants and sprays regularly on your armpit.