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How To Make Your Eyes Attractive

Human eyes do amazing things. They are one of the most sensitive body parts. A healthy, beautiful and sexy eye attracts every man. Sexy eyes are always seducing. For this, one should need to fix make up from the eye lashes to eye lids to brow bones. But just putting an eye make up alone will not help. You should know how to select the right shade. You also need to get rid of those wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness to look young and sexy.  Sexy make up is usually dark. Dark, smoky shades of ash and black give a flirty feel to your eye. Application of make up should be mild in the daytime and thick in the evenings. Sexy eyes are at your reach now. You can make your eyes sexy by applying hot eye make up with smoky and light colors also.


There are some basic things to keep in mind before getting ready to get a sexy eye make up.

  • The most basic and easy way to keep your eyes clean is to wash your eyes with cold water every time you come home after going out.
  • If the skin around your eye is sagging, dip a piece of cotton in luke warm milk and cover the cotton around your eye for sometime.
  • Invest in good quality cosmetic products only.
  • Cleanse your eye area before wearing any kind of make up.
  • Remove your eye make up with a cleanser before going to bed.
  • Develop a healthy sleeping habit.

Eye make up

  • Buy all the tools and brushes necessary to make your eyes look super hot. Try to know the best shade that suits you the most. Also try understanding the extent to which you want to make them sexy.
  • Apply a concealer to cover the dark circles under your eye (if you have any).
  • Get an eye shade that suits your complexion. Apply it lightly upon the lids. If you want smoky eyes, use dark shades of black, ash, blue or dark violet. Use a brush to smudge it properly towards outside also. When using a double shape (which is in fashion now), blend them properly by highlighting one of the shades in the middle portion.
  • Eye shadows like red, pink and burgundy can be used for large eyes. Blend the shade properly towards outside and inside.
  • Powdered eye shadows smudge properly than creamy ones. Matt finish shades will give more subdued effect to your eyes where as shimmer and metallic colors will be ideal for the evenings.
  • Apply a creamy eye liner after the application of eye shadow as close as to your eye lashes. Start drawing only from the middle. The thicker the line, the more defined and big your eyes become.
  • Sharp your eye brow pencil and apply it on the inner rims of the eye.
  • Volume adding mascara can highlight your eye if they are too small. Curl your eye lashes with jet black mascara without making any lumps. Mascara can be applied to the lower lashes also. Let it dry.
  • Grooming your brows is also very important to give eyes a sexy look. Cut unnecessary hair growth and brush them well. Draw your brows with a well defined pencil.

Now you are ready to go out with your eyes standing out super sexy and hot.