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How to Make your Teacher Happy

All students crave to make a permanent good impression about themselves to their teachers. If you have tried creating a good record of yourself among your teachers, this means that you are having a good year through out your schooling. If the relationship with your teacher in the previous year was just mediocre, you can make it up from this year by following certain tips.


  • Attend your classes on time. This is the first tip to creating a good impression of you. Teachers hate interrupting their classes. Be available in the class before your bell and get ready to listen.
  • Greet them daily in the morning and evening. Appreciate him/her for her contributions. Thank her always.
  • If it is our first class in the school, introduce yourself to your teacher. This shows them that you are confident enough to socialize.
  • Keep eye contact when your teacher is teaching you. This shows that you are really interested in the subject. If you are unable to understand, clarify them frequently raising your arms up. Teachers love those students who are attentive and interactive in their classes.
  • Make conversations with them to get to know them closer. Try to be friendly after class hours. Make them feel that you care for them and their feelings.
  • Give them due respect while talking. Impress them with the work you produce in your assignments. Produce them legibly and neatly.
  • Do not call your teachers by their first names. Address them as Sir or Madam.
  • Do not wait for the due date to finish and submit your work.
  • Try knowing the likes and dislikes of your teacher. Once you find out their likes, do it as much as possible.
  • Show a bit of intelligence and perseverance in the class. Do not distract your teacher while taking classes. Have a control on your behavior. Stop talking in the class.
  • Read more on the lessons taken. Let them know that you have done a research on the topic by asking some thought-provoking questions.
  • Never bunk your classes. Score well during your exams. Just asking questions to impress your teacher won’t do. Perform your best and keep up good grades.
  • Avoid making argumentative comments with other children of your class.
  • Read your daily notes and keep yourself updated.
  • Answer your teacher’s questions.
  • Bring your own materials to class so that you never end up borrowing things from other students in the class. None of the teachers like this.
  • Help your friends if you are a master in the subject.
  • Stop using electronic gadgets in class rooms.
  • Try changing your seat in the class. Do not become a back bencher always. Sit as closely as possible to the teacher so that you are in direct view of your teacher.
  • Do not miss your classes for silly reasons. Keep up your attendance. Even if you have missed your classes, get notes from your friends so that you do not lag.
  • Dress neatly in your uniform. Keep your desks and benches clean.
  • Keep up a positive attitude towards your classmates and also your faculty members.
  • Show your excellence not only in studies but also extra curricular activities in your school.

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