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How to read a guy’s intentions while talking with him

Guys may be flirting around all day with you but is it hard to tell what a guy thinks? Guys are tricky when they talk to girls because they are good flatterers when courting and otherwise. A guy’s intention can be read from his body language also. Though body languages are sent unintentionally, it is said that girls send more body language messages and gestures than men. But there is nothing to worry girls. Men make a lot of body language message errors which makes woman easy to read their intentions. These messages reveal how much he has feelings for you and to what extent. It also reveals what he really wants from you. If you can read a man’s mind and figure out what his intentions are, then you are automatically at peace. So girls, never ignore these messages since they are the most reliable indicator to find out what is the real “he” in him.

TWP TIPS to identify a guy’s intention

  • The first thing you should do to understand a guy’s intention is to learn to read cues. Facial reading skills will be of great help. Learn the different modes of facial expression.
  • Let him talk. You should carefully listen to him. Be patient before you reveal anything about you. Let his feelings and intentions come out in this long process.
  • Make constant non stop eye contacts. The eyes reveal the emotions behind the words. Twinkle in his eyes can say so many things.
  • Watch him closely. Pick up signals from him. From this you will be able to make out if he is really serious what he says.
  • Interrupt him if you get any clues. Cross question him tactfully. Tell him that you haven’t understood anything that he said. Watch his behavior when he is with you.
  • Make him crazy without letting him know anything about you. He will automatically become transparent.
  • Sitting up straight and extending a hand with an honest smile says that he is receptive. His pupils will dilate and the person’s breathing will become deeper if he is tensed. Overly-intensive stares also indicate the same. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.
  • Finally his approach towards you for couple of times together with his behavior towards you, his language will definitely help you know his intentions.