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How to Remove Underarm Hair?

The composition of hair under the armpit is known as auxiliary hair or armpit hair. Now-a-days, it is a common practice to shave the hair under the arms for many aesthetic reasons. Earlier the practice of shaving hair was recommended by Prophet Muhammad in the 570 A.D. In the west, this practice became a fashion when one or more magazines showed a woman in a dress with shaved underarms. Regular shaving has became feasible with the introduction various instruments. There are several methods to remove underarm hair.


  • Shaving

Shaving is a temporary method for removing hair but is the most common one. Shaving will cost you nothing at all. All you need to do is buy a shaving set or razor and a shaving gel or soap. Since underarm hair grows faster than arm or leg hair, it should be shaved more frequently.


  • Waxing

Waxing is a painful method. An amount of warm wax is spread over the underarm area. As the wax cools, underarm hair sticks on to the wax. Once the wax is cooled, it is pulled off very quickly and all the hair comes along with the wax. For some people bleeding can occur when waxing. In waxing process also, the hair grows fast.


  • Plucking

This method involves pulling the hair out with tweezers. In order to remove underarm hair in this manner, the hair must be long enough to grab and hold with tweezers. This method is not practically possible with underarm hair.


  • Depilatories

Depilatories are chemicals designed to dissolve unwanted hair. They are available in cream, spray or liquid form. They are sprayed or spread under the arms. Wiping or rinsing clears off all the hair.


  • Electrolysis

Use of electric current to destroy hair is called electrolysis method. This method removes hair permanently but will require several sittings.


  • Laser method

This involves using beams of light to destroy the hair follicles of the underarm. This is a very costly method and can have side effects too.




  • Stop shaving your underarms if they are getting darker after every shave. Stick to waxing to retain the natural color of the armpit
  • Do not apply depilatories if you have any cuts or wounds in the armpit. These spray and cream contain a lot of chemicals. Do a patch test before applying a cream to shave off the hair.
  • Do not apply perfumed sprays directly on your skin. Instead of applying deodorant, apply an anti-persirant roll on stick under your arms after shaving.
  • Apply a moisturizer or soothing lotion after you shave or wax.
  • Scrub the underarm area well while bathing but don’t do it after shaving or waxing.
  • Be careful not to cut off your skin when shaving with a razor