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How to Shave a Baby’s Head?

When my Son was born…, the first thing I asked the nurse was “Is he okei…Is he healthy?” and the second thing that popped out was “Does he have hair?” I know that’s ridiculous but I was just curious to know if he was like his Dad. The most common interest in hair would be like “Is it thick, Is it curly, Is that straight…” And a month goes… and there you go… your baby’s first haircut and that’s a milestone. This has a special significance and it depends to a large extend on one’s culture and religion. Actually the age at which the haircut happens is also largely depended on one’s culture or religion. In certain culture, they save the lock of the hair that was cut. Sometimes a ceremony is conducted for the first haircut and is a celebration for certain cultures. Certain cultural practices demand shaving of the hair entirely. They believe that the hair is one thing that helps stimulate the growth of brain and nerves. Shaving your baby’s hair is no big deal these days. You could do it yourself and guess what you could even do it at your home which makes your baby even more comfortable.




  • Make sure you do it preferably during the day since your kid is less cranky and upset.
  • Make sure he/she is comfortable
  • Undress your baby and make him/her lie on a clean cloth
  • Use a clipper to cut the hair short
  • Use the baby soap to lather the area you are planning to shave first.
  • Be patient to shave small parts and remove hair completely and continue moving
  • Keep rinsing the baby’s head with warm water continually and make sure you keep cleaning the razor too
  • Keep your baby comfortable by talking to her or maybe if your baby is cranky or crying take him/her in your arms or keep feeding time to time. This would help calm your kid.
  • Above all that you should be patient and don’t rush things
  • Once you finish shaving the hair, give your kid a good bath. It helps remove the hairs fallen all over.
  • Take a few drops of moisturizer to apply on your baby’s head to prevent the scalp from drying.