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How to Wash your Baby after Bowel Movement?

Bowel movement is an act or rather the final stage in a digestion process. What happens in a bowel movement? In a bowel movement, the solid or liquid or the semisolid waste materials are eliminated from the body. It is very important that you clean your genitals immediately after the bowel movement. This being a very sensitive area will easily invite infections. Special care should be taken while cleaning the genitals of a baby since hygienic care is really important in babies. Make sure that your baby has completed the process prior to washing. This will help you from unnecessary repetition of the procedure.




  • Frequently change your babies diaper especially after every bowel movement wetting.
  • Clean the diaper area with a soft cloth and if possible give a gentle warm soap wash whenever possible.
  • Choice of toilet paper is very critical. It should not be rough on your baby’s delicate area. It will be better to use a soft tissue with aloe and vitamin E.
  • Avoid using wet wipes as far as possible at least for the first few weeks.
  • Pat dry your baby’s bottom after you change the diaper and before putting on the new diaper.
  • Using of baby powder is not recommended.
  • Always while cleaning the diaper area wipe from front to back.
  • Reach around and behind their butt. Use moderate pressure to wipe clean the poop.
  • In boys especially after the age of two the foreskin of their genital can be pushed back and should be cleaned.
  • Keep your child diaper free as long as possible.
  • The best way is to potty train your child as soon as possible which would result in less use of diapers thus reducing any rashes or infections and help your child to be healthy.