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How to have a Safe Stay in Indian Hotels?

As India is an emerging economy in the world, it has many unavoidable evil symptoms of transitional nations. Large number of people from different parts of the world visit India for various business, academics and personal purposes. India is quite famous for providing ethnic and modern accommodation facilities for foreigners. India’s hosting etiquette is well accepted culture in the world. However, it would be better if you could take proper attention on safety and privacy matters while you staying in Indian hotels, motels, resorts and other home stay facilities. To assure a safe stay in Indian hotels you can take following measures.

  1. Before you get into your hotel room please try to analyze the ambiance of your hotel. It seems that many of economic hotels  in India are located relatively unsafe in terms of comfortable stay and pleasant night life. You can observe it from the reception of hotels itself.
  2. Prior to book your room, take maximum care to test the cleanliness of your bed, pillows, bed sheets, towels,  and bathroom facilities.
  3. Please confirm that you get safe water for your bath. Try to avoid bathtub kind of facilities in semi luxury (economic) hotels in India. Check your window curtains are properly placed.
  4. Always have an eye on your hotel boys and their behavior. Keep your belongings safely out of vicious eyes.
  5. If you see any strange electronic equipment, especially camera like peripherals, please verify that those are not an hidden camera to steal your privacy. Check it in bathroom, lighting areas, windows etc.
  6. Do not stay in hotels, particularly below medium luxury hotels, after having a heavy drink. Drinking with your girl friend in medium range hotels in India is risky.
  7. Do not entertain your hotel boys or other employees in the hotel to share and discuss their personal matters. Sometime it may take you a perilous situation.
  8. Avoid talk with unknown people in the hotel OR do not take a dinner/ drink with strangers in the hotel, even if they look gentle and elegant
  9. Avoid any speed dating opportunities in India. It would be good for your pocket and health!
  10. If possible, try to use your credit or debit cards to make your all payments in hotels to avoid possible malpractices in billing.  However,  you should take care to avoid double billing of your cards.


Also take maximum safety measures to travel around your hotel to make purchase of any ethnic goods and services. Avoid hotel cabs, guides and other local well wishers to help you out for any personal needs.